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morganlafave asked: May I please have your help? It all started when I accidentally met Ashton Irwin&he shared on twitter about me singing to him. My name is Morgan LaFave (@THEMorganLaFave). I am 19, live in Nashville, TN &have this crazy idea that some way, some how, in some super perfect universe I can get 5sos to let me open for them on tour! PLEASE help trend #MorganLaFaveopenfor5sos on twitter or somehow help convince them. It's gonna be hard but I'm determined it's meant to happen. Thank you! Music is hope.

long time no see.

Well hi, I haven’t been on here in a long time. Lots of things have changed but it’s for the better. I am going to be using this account a lot more but also follow me on twitter if you like One Direction and 5SOS because I am literally on there 25/8. Link is in description :)

Remember that one video diary where Harry was so sexually frustrated that he literally looked like he was about to pounce on Louis at any moment? [x]

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My photo didn’t upload clear :(